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If I understand this correctly, for some writers, the revision process is like a dog eating its own poop.  Because there’s still nutrients in it. So then they poop out an even more refined poop.  And the dog will keep doing it until there’s nothing left to get out of the poop or until its master tells it to stop. That master is publication. That’s when you stop eating the poop.

This also sheds an interesting light on literary critics, who would then be likened to scientists who use the microscopes and mass spectrometers of literary theory to figure out what the poop is made of.


In a fit of boredom, I asked for single-word submissions for haiku ideas.  These are the results:

In the plane she said,
“When do we get smaller and
will I see Heaven?”

Not the hedgehog or
the Doctor’s screwdriver but
hearing the stars weep.

Fill them with saw dust
because we imagine them
empty already.

“What’s a butt for?” he
asked on their date. She replied,
“Pooping or fucking.”

I’d prefer a reign
instead of this downpouring
of my uselessness.

Those five stars are for
Venus as she traverses
Satan’s fucking heart.

If dentata was
really real, what do you think
we’d call their braces?